Jeff Cairns

Jeff is a co-founder of The Mother Tongue Project; a project-based music collaboration platform, a woodwind player, shakuhachi master and co-owner of BigFish Recording Studio in Kumamoto, Japan:  Jeff has performed in Japan, Korea, Australia, Belgium, the United States and Canada. Some of the bands Jeff has played with in the Kumamoto, Japan area Beauties of Nature, Mist Tree Music, Undercover Funk Service, Men With Toys, Pink Lame’, Lumpy Futon, Lumpy Futon Big Band and Fifth Fourths. Jeff has recorded with Darby Stands (Shirakawa – Stands and Cairns Band 1996), Izumi Fujikawa (Silent Letters, Secret Pens 2006), Jeff Bird (Jeff Bird, Jeff Cairns – ZenZen 2012) and Jeff Bird/Kim Dong-Won (Trio CaBiKi – Wild Silence 2016).  Jeff is primarily a shakuhachi player working in the fields of traditional Japanese music and improvised/aleatoric music.

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John March

John has spent the last 40 years working in studios, touring and teaching, and learning the craft of music and sound. As a guitarist, producer/mixer and teacher John has worked with Artists like Michael Jackson and Sting.  John was trained at the Record Plant in NYC as an engineer and Synclavier Programmer, studied guitar with teachers like John Abercrombie, Mick Goodrick, John Scofield and Ted Greene. He has worked as a session musician in LA and NYC. As a music educator he has taught at the Musicians Institute and for, as well as an adjunct lecturer at Naropa University, University of Colorado Denver and University of Asheville.

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